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Rafael And Catherine Gomez - Pastor and Worship Leader

Rafael And Catherine Gomez Pastor and Worship Leader


Rafael (Ralph) and Catherine (Cathy) have been around the Vineyard since the early '90s.

They served on staff at the Miami Vineyard Community Church and later planted the Doral Vineyard Church in 2004.

Ralph is a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary with a Masters of Arts in Global Leadership.

Catherine (Cathy) has been leading worship for 40 years.  She enjoys raising up worship leaders and is passionate about leading God's people into the presence of God. Cathy also loves to flow in prophetic worship (those moments in a worship set when she goes "off script" and shares, in song, what the Spirit is saying.) Catherine has been married to Rafael for 42 years - they have five children and five grandchildren at last count!

They rarely miss a Dodgers game on TV.

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