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As a group of people we are no different than any other randomly organized group. We deal with stress and jobs and family and all the things that make up life. We have insecurities, anxieties, and even doubts.

But we are called to something more. We are called to care for sick and hurt and broken people, the ones who society thinks are worthless. We are called to be more than our past, we are called to be different, a people on a mission from God.

We have genuine flaws, and we don’t hide from those flaws. Those flaws make us genuinely human, and our stories make us real. We know our flaws and our past. We are not perfect people we are a people on a journey to be more like Jesus Christ.


Our story changed because we met Jesus. This changed what “normal” looks like for us. Because we believe we are capable of so much more love, generosity and service. Jesus died, rose again, and lives inside of us, and that gives us power to live and view life in strange and amazing ways. We get to participate in continuing Jesus’ mission to bring healing, hope, and reconciliation to the world. We will still struggle with everything that comes with being human but we will do so with an everlasting hope and knowledge that our story matters and that we are loved beyond our comprehension.


We have been changed by Jesus, and because of that, we are part of how Jesus is changing the world. And our life, our experiences matter not only to our story but God’s story of salvation and restoration. So no matter what your past looks like, your story matters, it got you to where you are today. Our desire as a church is to be a family of people that supports, celebrates and challenges people to be continually changed by Jesus so that we can see change in the world around us. If you want to live a bigger story than you ever have before, join us.

We love God and people

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PO BOX 1388

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